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Bridge Walk!

The nice weather recently allowed me to try out the gps on my iphone. I tracked a nice walk I took across the Ben Franklin. I accidentally stopped the tracking before I got home, but most of it tracked pretty well. Map below.

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Gold Diggers of 1933

Picture from wikipedia

Tonight Missy and I went to the Lawn Chair Drive In and saw Gold Diggers of 1933. Contrary to the title, the movie isn't really about Gold Diggers, but is a musical about show girls during the depression. Overall pretty entertaining, and much better to watch outside on 16mm if you have the op. Also, there were some pretty amusing situations that fans of As You Like It and Sabrina may find familiar. I would dig finding some of those swinging tunes from the picture, but I imagine that would be a feat. Most of the music was dancey-showy music or classic romance, as expected from old films. One thing that threw me for a loop was the last song, which suddenly became a huge world war 1 statement directly proceeding the credits. It seemed really out of place compared to the rest of the movie (first act: comedy, second act: romance), and didn't bode well with the previous “numbers”. Overall the movie was meant to be an uplift for people dealing with the depression, and hopefully relate to the situation and drive some sales to the box office (they hung this lantern pretty high aka- producer's style), so I figure the last song must have been along those lines.

Probably more entertaining than the actual movie was a short that aired before it about the jitterbug, posted below.

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