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Strawberry Pie With Jennie visiting and …

With Jennie visiting and the last of the pear pie meeting its timely death upon the season 1 finale of “Bones”, I decided to try making a strawberry pie. I wanted to be a little more experimental this time, so the recipe below is more like a best guess as to what went into mine. One thing is for certain: buy a lot of strawberries! I don't think you can have too much, and I was debating how to put more on before I went to bed. I did a lot of research for this one, and specifically wanted to avoid any “cheating”, specifically with regards to using strawberry jello, food coloring, or kool aid. I settled on a vartiation of this recipe. I also tried a different crust recipe that makes more of a pastry. I based it off a recipe from here, but changed a bit since the provided recipe just seemed to much like a pastry. I'll put the crust at the bottom as you could just use whatever or buy store-bought. I also made lemon whipped cream to top it off, which turned out amazing!

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This weekend I was visiting Kristin and …

This weekend I was visiting Kristin and she mentioned to me her recent successes with pie making. Being extremely susceptible to the power of suggestion (and pie), I decided to try my wits about it. Kristin was kind enough to lend me her recipe for crust, and suggest some simple pie approaches on allrecipes.com. I opted for the Fresh Pear Pie, as it was rather simple and I only needed to buy two ingredients. After a quick trip to the market I was off messing up my kitchen that Sean and I spent so much time cleaning this weekend. I'm not sure how it tastes yet, as I am waiting for some friends to come over and try it, but here is the recipe! I didn't change anything as I figured my first pie shouldn't be experimental. In addition, I forgot the butter in the pie, hope it turns out okay. I had a terrible time rolling out the dough, but figure its a practice thing! I'll change the picture if I ever get a digital camera.

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